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Natural Performance Enhancement for Drums

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BEATFIXX has been providing drum editing services to independent musicians and small studios since 2008.

Whether it’s fixing mistakes or improving consistency BEATFIXX can help! Save time and stress by outsourcing your drum editing to a pro.

Drummers don’t always play exactly right on the beat. Some hits will be a bit before and after. Some drummers will also have trouble with fills, speeding into it and slowing down coming out. While this is completely natural and there is nothing wrong with that, it may not be what you want for your production. When a drummer is very loose in his timing it makes all other tracks very difficult to record afterwards.

We can Fix it!
If there are problems with the drum performance, or a tighter performance is needed, we can adjust it.

Best Quality
All editing is done manually. Automatic quantizing and timestretching tools cause artifacts, degrading the sound. By editing manually we can ensure there is no degrataion of sound quality, with minimal artifacts and only stretching as a last resort. Phase accuracy is maintained wherever possible.
This is a level of quality beyond the industry standard!

Before / After Examples

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