Drummers don't always play right on the beat. Some hits will be a bit before and a bit after. Some drummers will also have trouble with fills, speeding into it, and slowing down coming out. While this is completely natural and there is nothing 'wrong' with that, it may not be what you want for your production. When a drummer is very loose in his timing it makes all other tracks very difficult to record after.

We can fix it!

If there are problems with the drum performance, or a tighter performance is needed, we can adjust it. The style and tempo of the music has a large part in determining just how strict the timing is. In general fast tempo, harder music like metal strictly follows the 'grid' and has every single 16th note corrected. Slower tempo pop-rock or country is generally more realaxed and requires less adjustment.

Best Quality

All editing is done manually. Automatic quantizing and timestreching tools cause artifacts. By editing manually we can ensure there is no degredation of sound quality with minimal artifacts and stretching. This is a level of quality beyond the industry standard. Phase accuracy is maintained wherever possible.

    Before & After Examples

About Beat Fixx

Since 2008, Beat Fixx has been providing professional drum editing services to musicians and studios worldwide.
The service is ideal for home, project and pro studios that may not have the time or resources to do the corrections themselves, or prefer not to for their own sanity.
Effective and natural quantizing techniques take time to master, spend a few hours editing drums the wrong way and you’ll understand why this is a great deal.

Feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions, or if you'd like to get started.

Outline Of The Process

* Contact us by email.
* Prepare your tracks for transfer as outlined below.
* Transfer files with Dropbox, WeTransfer, Gobbler, Google Drive, etc
* When editing is completed an MP3 will be sent to you to proof for errors or glitches.
* If there are any further corrections contact us and we will correct ASAP.
* Fixxed files will be uploaded when all payments have been made.

How long does it take?
You can expect corrected tracks within a day. Less than 24 hours is typical for 2 songs including transfers.
Beatfixx is based in Vancouver, Canada. Pacific Standard Time.

Preparing for transfer to Beat Fixx

* Do Not send Pro Tools, Logic or other project files.
* 16 or 24 bit files, WAV or AIFF for all drum tracks.
* All files must be labeled: Kick, Snare, etc.
* Takes should be comped first (one complete performance of the song). Comping is combining the best parts of each take. We can comp for an additional fee.
* Consolidate/render each track to start at the same starting point. This is essential to maintaining phase coherency.
* Include a stereo guide track, a rhythm guitar or something played to the metronome.
* If there are tempo or meter changes, include a MIDI file for each song.
* After exporting the audio files, use ZIP or RAR compression on the folder to greatly reduce file size and simplify transfer.

What clients are saying about Beat Fixx

I have nothing but great things to say about Jon. As a drummer, I had the pleasure of working with him directly on two different occasions. These were my first experiences with having my drum tracks quantized and I was concerned that they would end up sounding mechanical and robotic. Jon was able to keep the drums sounding very natural and organic, and I couldn't have been more pleased with his work. He was super easy to work with, quick to get things back to me, and just very attentive overall. I really look forward to working with him again on future projects.
-Jeff Pitts, The Empire Shall Fall

My experience with Jon as our audio editor and beat / drum optimization has been one of the best collaborative experiences I've had in the last 15 years. He is extremely intelligent, time-line sensitive, efficient and always ahead of the curve with delivery. I have yet to see anyone in this space that can match or even surpass his skill set and tools he brings to the workspace. The ability to have confidence in handing over our time sensitive and complex projects to Jon has been critical with us delivering top notch artist performances day in and day out. He is our main and only choice if we continuously want to challenge ourselves as composers and producers to meet our ever changing clients scope of work.
-Jordan Hirsch

Jon clearly has an estute ear for rhythm and melody as he was able to edit and quantise my band's material in a way that remained musically sensitive to serve the song.
I have nothing but positive comments to give as this experience has been very pain-free for such complex material. If you're unsure of whether Jon's services would be appropriate for you band's style or approach, I dare say he can do it all. From odd-meter to blistering speed, long songs and huge kit setups - Jon's expertised shined and left me with a professional drum track that has preserved the drummer's feel and dynamics that would most comfortable on the world stage. I speak from the heart in saying, I would recommend his work to anyone needing an affordable, fast and quality relationship for the best musical outcome.
-Douglas Skene, Hemina.

Service Rates

All editing is manual, not automatic for the best sound quality with minimal atifacts and stretching.

Drum Editing - $75/song
Best quality editing for full drum kit.

Percussion, Guitars and Bass Pocketing - $50/hr
Aligning other instruments to the drums and to each other, creating a tight powerful performance.

Drums to MIDI conversion - $20/song
Accurate drum to MIDI conversion for your drum performance. (kick, snare, toms only).

Drum Comping - $40/song
Comping is taking the best parts of each take to create a master take. Not sure how? Transfer all the files, we'll take care of it.

Contact for full details.

Save time and send files right now with We Transfer or Gobbler.


For more information:
Email beatfixx@gmail.com

Last Updated: Jan 7 2015

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